Royal Canin Pet Food in Paphos, Cyprus

Here at My Pet Store in Paphos, We stock the hugely popular Royal Canin Pet Food in Paphos, Cyprus, not only do we have the widest selection we also have the best prices and you can save more with our loyalty card too.

Royal Canin Pet Food Paphos, Cyprus

Royal Canin is premium pet food from the world’s leader in high-quality pet food. Each of the Royal Canin cat food formulas and dog food formulas are made up of over 50 nutrients. These 50 nutrients are needing to be perfectly balanced in order to help the animals achieve the best from their diet. Our Royal Canin Pet food supply here in Cyprus ensures that everyone living in Paphos and Cyprus can provide their pets the quality that this brand offer. Please call us to ask about what we stock in general, emails are sometimes not easily answered!

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